About Beacon

Beacon is a consulting firm focusing on organisations (companies and non-profit) willing to enlarge their operations in new countries. Beacon’s clients receive a concrete and pragmatic tailored organisational support, aimed to develop their business in a fast and scalable way.

Thanks to the synergy created among the founders, Beacon can support the client providing means, services and solutions to simplify, streamline and finalise development processes.

The company’s core business is strongly oriented towards business development and the definition of a safe environment – especially in high-risk countries -, where the client can quickly achieve its business objectives.

Our services

Beacon is a consulting firm operating to identify proper solutions to solve the needs of our clients.

Business mentoring and development
We support our client in-country and during the whole internationalisation process, developing opportunities and suggesting the best strategy

Project management
With high-profile contacts in several countries within the EU and abroad we can develop your idea and create the better environment where to grow

No business can survive without a constant view of new ideas, approaches, technologies… that’s why we are working with only the best research centres, incubators and accelerators


The idea of Beacon was born in 2012 when four dynamic young people wanted to face the economic crisis.

The experience gained in having already established companies and implemented projects in Africa and Europe led them to want to set up a consulting company, which could improve the ability of other companies and organisations

Beacon World News

Wine Tasting – trade only – with UK buyers

The second edition of one of the essential B2B events organised by Beacon and GS Wines (UK). The activity will take place in Central London, on May the 16th. The participating Italian wine-makers will meet a selection of UK trade operators and specialised press. Contact us at info@beacon-italy.com for information  


Dear, we appreciate you choose to visit Beacon’s website! Beacon is a very dynamic company; we use to say “we are a system” composed of our several services and the continuous and fundamental interaction with our great clients. Actually we are renewing our visual identity, so you will see lot of changing in our website. …

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